WordPress Care Plan

Regular maintenance of your WordPress website

Your website requires regular care to ensure that it is running smoothly, that it has the latest security updates applied, and to ensure that it benefits from the latest performance improvements and new features from WordPress, the plugins and theme in use on the website.

With a WordPress Care Plan you can have your website regularly updated and checked, for a small monthly fee. Further regular services can be added on to each care plan according to your needs.

Also, once you are onboard, you’ll be kept up to date of any important developments in the WordPress world which might be of influence to you or your website’s situation.

If you have a number of clients yourself who are using WordPress, the more websites you want to bring under a care plan, the lower the cost per individual website.

Website Care Plan

Per month

Each plan includes:

  • Daily full website backup
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Application of the latest wordpress / plugin / theme updates
  • Daily security scan
  • Database optimisation
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Monthly report
  • Immediate solution of small update issues (max 30 mins)

Custom Plans are available

If you require more regular updates / website maintenance, or other regular services such as help with placing content, we can make a custom care plan for your website(s).

Terms and conditions

  • Small technical or other issues arising from the application of updates, which can be solved withing 30 minutes will be tackled immediately. Issues requiring more work to solve will have to be discussed and can possibly result in extra costs. For example, if updating wordpress means that a certain plugin no longer functions as expected, this is a situation we would have to discuss.
  • For premium themes and plugins to be covered by any of these plans, the product key has to be added to the website enabling one-click updates. Manual updating (via FTP) will incur extra costs;
  • If the website has not been updated in quite some time, then we first have to do a ‘catch up’ job of around 1 hour work, before we start the regular monthly maintenance, since there can be more work needed to bring the website up to date